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10 Militant Groups

10 Militant Groups I’d Laugh At:

10. Militant abortionists - aka Habitat for, well, not us

9. Militant apathists - I don’t care and you don’t either!

8. Militant creationists - Deathly afraid of big bang. Prudes.

7. Militant black coffeeists - Very jittery, beware these ones.

6. Militant euro-weenies - Comment? Je comprends pas. Parlez-vous francais?

5. Militant americans - I’d laugh at them, but they’d grab one of the 57 guns they own and shoot me.

4. Militant squirrels - Crookshanx laughs at these, mostly.

3. Militant militants - see number 5

2. Militant Mac-owners - I mean … c’mon, haven’t you lost yet?

1. Militant bloggers - Sure you write everyday, and have interesting things to say, and get like 200 hits an hour … but, but … bastards.

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Our kitty may be bulemic

Hey look, it’s March! Not even just March, but March 3!
How many days I have missed, living and not writing! Fah.

Well, lesse - I submitted my application to Kent online, for the MLIS offered through the local community college. Now I just have to: get three letters of recommendation, submit my career goals, a urine and sperm sample, a pint of blood, a lock of hair, and my firstborn child. And that’s just to be considered! I think I may try to pass off Crookshanx as my child, but I kind of doubt they’ll go for it. He really has the mentality of a 2nd, or even 3rd-born child. (like me!)

Emily is nearly finished paying off her credit cards. My dad offered to pay off the loan on my car. That will just leave my college loans, which may grow soon as well, but are well worth it, anyway. It’s pretty neat to think about being out of debt, even though I know it will still take a while.

The most exciting thing right now: a new guitar. I asked my dad for one for my birthday, coming up. His friend, Paul, is a guitar genius — so I think he’s gonna have Paul get one for me. Lately, I really miss playing. This time, maybe I’ll actually even work on learning how!

On a brief side note, I think our kitty may be bulemic.
I’ll leave you with that disturbing thought. Ta!