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Waiting for midnight

Want to help aid efforts for the tsunami victims? Don’t feel like you have enough moneys to spare? Buy one of these awesome prints from Clio Chiang. All moneys she gets from prints through Jan 10th go to the Red Cross. And the prints are simply beautiful. Buy eight. I will. She’s also holding an auction on an original piece, profits to go to tsunami relief. A bit more spendy, though.

Well. Happy New Year, everyone.
Party like it’s 2005! I love you all.
See ya next year.

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??? ????? ?????? ? ????? ??????

And today, I blog in Russian! Hahahaha, just kidding.
Not that I wouldn’t, if I could. Though I got plenty of flak
for blogging in French. Please note such hate-filled comments as:
“SQRAWK!” Very Crookshanxian, exhibiting a smoldering inner rage.

So, as usual, I’ve been going dancing a whole lot.
You’d think I might get better from dancing so much, but
I really feel like I’m at a tough plateau right now,
and I haven’t been learning a whole lot of new stuff.
Granted, I’m still having plenty of fun, but I’d really
like to become better at it, for how much time I put in.
Theo and Kandace and I went up to Tacoma last night,
which makes two weeks consecutive now. We’ll probably keep
going up as it’s a lot of fun, and nice to meet a few new people.
The dance space in Tacoma is small, but friendly, and it’s
in a church! Devil’s music no more, I say!
I’m even thinking about going up to Seattle for some dancing,
or lessons. Of course, traffic to Seattle is about a thousand
times worse than traffic to Tacoma, so that may not happen.

Everyone knows about the tsunami by now.
Heather’s blog talks about what it’s like to be there.
You can imagine; not fun. She’s got some interesting pictures.
Google’s set up a good page with links to aid sites,
if you want to help out and donate some moneys.
For what it’s worth, I wish everyone the best over there.
It’s going to be awhile before this is something anyone can
move on from; at least for the people involved. I can’t imagine.

Keri says that my blog needs more sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.
So, ummmmmm … here you go:

God bless you, thank you, rock ‘n’ roll,
you make my days complete;
from all the sex you’ve given me
to all the shrooms I eat.

And though I now look eighty-two,
though I’m only twenty-four;
still, bless you, thank you, rock ‘n’ roll,
I think I’ll have some more.

With my deepest apologies. Blame Keri.

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De nos amis des pays étranges

Beh oui. Aujourd’hui, je bloggerai en Francais. Parce que je peux, même si je ne peux pas très bien. Vous, les Francais et les Canadiennes qui viennent ici, soyez libre de me corriger. Je n’ai pas écrit en Francais depuis longuetemps. Alors …

J’ai lu une article intéressante à propos de Benoit Charest, le musicien qui a fait le chanson pour Les Triplettes de Belleville. Dans cet article, je le trouvais le plus intéressant que pour le projet prochaîne, Charest peut rencontrer encore avec Sylvain Chomet (le réalisateur de Belleville) pour un ou deux films: The Tale of Despereaux ou/et L’Illusionniste, d’après des scénerios de Jacques Tati. Sur IMDB, Despereaux et un autre film, Barbacoa, étaient annoncé pour Chomet, mais on ne sait pas si Charest va faire la musique ou non. Moi, j’adorait la musique de Belleville, et j’èspere que Charest ferai la musique pour Despereaux, au moins, parce que j’aimais très bien le livre de DiCamillo.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui, en Francais. Les accents me fatiguent beaucoup. Les p’tits cons. Je vous laisse à rire; je traduis le Francais en Anglais mieux que j’écris, je le jure.

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King Weneseseslaaaas

Who was that king guy, anyway?

Watched Love Actually last night. Such a good, nice, warm film, even if it has its sappy and overly romantic bits. I like it. Played some cribbage and went to sleep after reading some Charles de Lint. It’s been many years, but I still remember believing in Santa; lying in bed pretending to sleep, ears straining to hear reindeer bells, or Santa shuffling about under the tree. Without fail, I always feel asleep within an hour (I was an active kid, and so a sleepy one come nighttime). Last night, I fell asleep with a simple feeling of contentment that felt unrufflable. It’s Christmas today, and it’s a good day. That’s enough.

I wouldn’t normally brag about Christmas loot, except that in this case it’s relative to the blog. My family pooled together and got me a digital camera, which means pictures on the blog! Woo! Woo woo! Yeay! A’ight! Yippee! I desist. You get the idea that I’m excited, non? I plan on getting myself a 1gig flash card, or at least 512MB, so stay tuned for some serious picture mayhem. Rock. On.

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Ain’t got no Christmas blues

For no particular reason, the holidays always bring me down a little bit. So if I have been neglecting my blogger duties, it’s because I’d rather not piss and whine about a feeling I can’t pinpoint; other than that sometimes, despite being surrounded by the best of friends and family, the universe leaves me feeling very cold and alone. But, you know, I still don’t want to piss and whine, so I’m not going to get into it.

We had our dance performance for our swing routine on Tuesday night here in Olympia, and then we performed it again last night up in Tacoma. It went well both nights, though I had a different partner each night. Oddly, I think the Tacoma crowd recieved it better than Oly did. But then, it was a smaller group and seemed more close-knit in general. Also, they weren’t expecting anything, so perhaps we just garnered some extra “neat surprise” value. In any case, I’m equally glad and sad that it’s over. December has been the month from hell for my schedule, and I’ll be more than happy when that mellows out and I can live according to some sort of regular schedule (yeah right), but at the same time I think I’ll miss a little bit being this active and busy. But not too much.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up early, go to the UPS store to send a box to Ohio (don’t worry, it doesn’t tick), and then mosy on up to Port Townsend for a few days to spend time with family. It’ll be quiet, laid back, relaxed; I plan on drinking coffee, reading, going for walks and enjoying some blackberry pie, among other things.

To all who stop by here occassionally, often, rarely, or never: I wish you a very big gigantic joyously stupendously Merry Christmas (or other preferred holiday). Peace on earth and good will towards everything. Yeay.

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