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Who are you people?

Who are you and how did you find me!?



I have spies everywhere:

Spies drink martinis, and the occasional g&t:

We're watching you.

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How old is that in internet years?

This isn't new.

In fact, it seems to be nearly two weeks old.

This means that, in internet terms, it's positively archaic.

But it still cracks my shit up.

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We rain devils play

Yesterday was the first day of rain we've had in some time. If you're familiar with the Pacific Northwest, then you know how odd that is. Sure, we have nice summers, but it seems like it's been dry as a bone around here for a solid month, and that just isn't how we rain devils play out here.

The best thing about rain is the morning after, and how many things can you really say that about? Right. All the humidity is drizzled/poured/bucketed from the air onto terra firma (terra sogga?), and afterwards, especially in the morning, the atmosphere seems so clear that you should be able to pick out individual veins on individual leaves of individual trees at a thousand feet. Breathing seems like something you may have never experienced before; entirely enjoyable as though each draught swept the vapor of ambrosia through your lungs.

Colors are enhanced, leaves hang from limbs like emeralds and turquoise, embedded with the rubies and garnets of the approaching fall. The post-partum sheen of the rain sparkles in the wan light of the clear sky. In the distance, perhaps, a cloud or two, and the promise of more rain to come.

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next time, shoes

Life like a dirty martini
dance the fork out and swing it
wore holes through my socks on a sticky floor
trying to find the right way to

She's mentioned that breakfast numerous times
I'm always flattered
French poetry in the underground
smiles and coffee and oh what times
and thank you for the years

Now a reciprocity, previously unsuggested
French and dancing?
at the same time no less
like Dionysus waiting in the wings
with wine and fervor and he's winking
but I'm not going to chase because
I've tried that and ...

The right way to woo is like dancing
like jazz in the underground club
with smoke against the ceiling
and wine for 10f
and every night we'd stumble home
across the Rhine

just find the syncopation
and Apollo be damned


I Need Some Intelligent Design

I want to completely redo the template for my blog. And perhaps, even the idea for my blog, and what I post about. I feel like working on one thing will help negotiate the other. What I'd like to do is take the elements I like from certain blog designs and weave them together in a masterful way to create something pretty, and wholly my own. Like Frankenstein's blog, I guess ... and yes, it will probably come out looking like a monster.

Here's a big link-dump of design sites and blog designs I'm eyeing enviously. Please feel free to make any suggestions.

powazek - I like the banner especially, and the way it fades into the rest of the page.

shifted librarian - Nice, simple, easy layout. Very readable. Could have fun with the 2-tone aspect.

bizgirl - very simple, easy, elegant. girl's hot. I need to actually read this at some point, too.

stephanie klein - pretty straighforward. i like the colorful banner and the absolutely useless line of green along the right side.

indiekids - i like the top banner with the links. also the muted background colors. it's nearly blogger-styled, but cooler.

tequila mockingbird - rocking colors. nice, easy layout. easy is good. color is good. take notes.

boudist - i think this is fucking class. nice primary colors, elegant.

chromewaves - good width-fit. i like how the boxes are seperated.

fluxblog - ooOoOo, I kinda like this mono-color thing, especially with the banner. Cute logo, too. I need me one of them.

jason santamaria - this is way too clever for me to figure out. but i like the banner and link style up top. how the hell do you do that stain thing along the top-right of the page?

karen cheng - very clever, fairly simple, good content. i like the day-of-the-week headers especially.

lowculture - i like the two blogs in one approach. could do some fun shit with this, i think?

popagandhi - i like the retro banner, and once again, the white on white background keeps it simple

pussycat - simplicity rules the day. this is a well-done minimal.

watchblog - tri-blog, one page. good idea

Design & template sites:

cookie designs



rp designs


If you know of any other gorgeous blogs, or awesome design sites, let me know! That's it for now!

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