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When the rains came

When the rains came
the books were unprepared,
languishing in their regulated air,
they knew no more of wet
than a babe of fire
or an animal of greed.

The drops started slow,
cold dark moisture creeping
along the undersides of pipes,
melting through crevices,
plummeting in the manner of spring leaves,
patient for their fate.

When they reached the wall they balked,


The drops behind piled down upon them,
forced them to push through,
not hungry,
but desperate to obey gravity,
however slowly they would go.

Now, finding paper,
old trees,
the water soaked,
saturated those folds of wood and ink
and tried to remember
the call that nature gave
to water and to wood.

The water soaked,
and remembering by instinct,
told the books, "drink. grow."

At first it was an onslaught
to paper that had never known
worse than cries of censorship,
which does not warp the page
nor smear the ink. Gradually,
they drank.
Page by page,
thoughts hazy as the ink ran,
as the pages twisted,
they tried to remember being trees.

Eventually the water stopped,
human error made right by human hand.
Some books were saved.
Some had gone mad, the lust to grow
turned their spines to sap
and their pagination
to rings of age beyond their memory.

Later, tossed out amidst debris,
the books, mad with life,
found sediment,

And from each page,
a tiny sprig took hold,
following down into the earth,
the driving voice of gravity and life.

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reflection squared

the image in the mirror isn't you,
though it looks like you and acts like you,
it's face, too, seems such an odd shape,
it's smile too forced, it's eyelids too low,
and you're reminded so much of yourself.

but when, in the desperation of night's cold,
you throw yourself into its arms,
it shatters, cuts you, destroys your fragile countenance.

now there are a hundred,
none of them you.
you start an army,

a throng of reflections looking to each other for answers.

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We’re gonna save Zelda!

Yeah, Zelda!

But really, I was just gonna throw down some more links.

This article over at The Beast is one of the funniest and most well-written pieces of editorial comment I've read in some time. I got the link via Kottke because I depend on people more well-informed than I am to tell me what to read.

Connor Moran is a local, and he knows how to tell a joke. I can appreciate that, even if the bastard never links to our comic.

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The Future of the Academic Library

I'm on a librarian listserv, and these are a couple articles that were mentioned today, concerning the future of the academic library and the growing digitalization of information, entertainment, and education.

This article from EDUCAUSE Review eloquently discusses the problems, and ideas for solutions, for the modern academic librarian.

Over the next decade, colleges and universities will have to make critically important practical and policy decisions about the function of libraries, about the space devoted to libraries, and about the roles of librarians. If these decisions are made wisely, the academy may be able to maintain much of the ineffable, inspirational value associated with academic libraries while retaining their practical value through altogether transformed activities and functions built upon a new mission designed for a more digital world.

In turn, the ACRLblog talks about the validity of the arguments presented in the EDUCAUSE article, and it's relation to a few other articles that have been published in the recent past.

And to follow up, another EDUCAUSE article that talks about Place as Library.

On a personal note, I find it exciting to be a part of a world that is growing and changing so rapidly. I also find it a little scary to jump into a profession that rests so soundly on changing principles and ideas. When I get too worried, I think about all those little libraries, in all those little towns, and in all those big, big states, who don't care so much about these issues as they do about when the next Sue Grafton book is released.

In other words, if the Academic Library seems flummocticatedly mutable, the Public Library remains stalwart and honest, which is not to say unprogressive.

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God loves a whiner.

Really no desire to be "out" at the moment, though the night air and the lights from downtown beckon to me. But I don't know their purpose. The last post was fairly accurate, and my favorite bit is:

i'm rambling on rather self consciously
while i'm stirring these condiments into my tea
and i think i'm so lame
i bet i think this song's about me
don't i don't i don't i ?

I'm in a goddam lull, which comes as interests wane and I am driven to reevaluate certain things. Most of my friends have taken to hanging out at the Eagle's bar, and I've grown to hate the place, so it's become harder and harder to go out. It's not that I mind the people, but the atmosphere is dark and dingy and it's probably the only smoking bar in the entire state right now.

God, listen to me whine.

My interests have been waxing in the library world, and I've got a few projects in mind to get a head start with what it might be like to be a librarian, including two web projects and an idea for an article, which I may even try to publish if I ever get it written. But after a day of work I find it hard to come home and devote myself to more work (though I know plenty of people do).

For now, though, I think I'll go to bed. I worked all day, and now I'm dead tired. Toodles!

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