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Keep on truckin’

Dear friends,

My bloggish silence is due to the fact that I have been laboriously moving, by automobile, across the country.  I left Tuesday and arrived in Oberlin, OH yesterday afternoon for a short reprieve.  The final destination is, of course, Montreal, and I will probably arrive on Friday after hanging out with Tim in Vermont.

Rest assured that I'll be sharing my adventures with you once I've landed, that I've taken some fun pictures of my travels as well, and that I'm even considering making a small, amateur music video, if I can find the time.  Does anyone know a nice, free program I could use to edit together some video footage and throw music behind it?  If so, do tell!

'Til then, love and truckstops.



Oh joyous day!

Every time I think about starting a webcomic again, of one sort or another, I go and look at the great webcomics that are already out there and I despair a little.  I try to think of what I could create in the "write what you know" sphere, and every once in awhile I think, "Well, maybe I should create a library webcomic.  There aren't many out there yet, after all."

And then, out of the blue, that big old meanie Jeph comes along and gives Marten a library job.  And the worst part is that if I gripe about it, Jeph will just tell me that I have an attitude problem.  Sigh.  Oh well, I'm looking forward to Jeph's take on library humor, though he should know that most academic libraries primarily use the LC classification system rather than Dewey, for most of their collections.

I mean, duh!


Webcomics round-up.

The Dada Detective hits 100 strips, and catches my attention.  It's about a detective hired by a French Mime to find her missing duck.  Absurdism and punishness abound, and he drinks from a bottle labeled, Old Andalusian Dog.  In case you don't get it.

The Perry Bible Fellowship, which recently one some WCCA award or another, has its new website which you'll be pleased to learn allows for direct linking to specific comics, something the old site didn't support.  Now you can share your favorite PBFs with ease, so get to it!

Achewood joins Webcomics Nation. Somehow, Onstad doing anything not entirely on his own seems incredibly weird to me, maybe because Achewood is just so damned strange and, even though I read his semi-normal blog, I still can't imagine having a conversation with the guy.  Still, I wish him luck, and I wish Webcomics Nation luck too, just in case.  You never know with these guys.  I think that speaks for itself.  Their first comic is called Jess Fink's Dirty Limericks, which I can't check out yet due to my current locale (i.e. work), but it sounds promising.

(links via lore and comixpedia


Scumbag, revisited, and placing blame.

The LA Times story by Claire Hoffman on Joe Francis and Girls Gone Wild has really been getting a lot of press lately.  I've gotten a lot of hits on my write-up about it, mostly from the Chicagoist post which was nice enough to throw me a link.  Pandagon also has an interesting take on it, stating that for Joe Francis the main pleasure in Girls Gone Wild is actually in forcing women to do things they don't actually want to do.  While I'd love to agree with Amanda on this, I think that in this case it's really too easy to villainize Francis, letting the women completely off the hook.  One must bear in mind that the places in which Girls Gone Wild operates are the sorts of places where people frequently "get wild".  There are always more private, demure clubs for the girls who really are not interested in flashing their boobies.

On sort of a different side of the issue, John at states that even Francis's business philosophy is full of crap.

Girls Gone Wild came to Olympia once, not too long ago, to the now-vanished (not surprising) Barcode.  People got arrested, and the bar was practically fined out of existence for allowing nudity, sex, raucous behavior, and other sundry perversions.  Good on ya, Olympia.

Diesel Sweeties covers Girls Gone Wild, which makes sense because R. Stevens' blog was the first place I saw the article linked.  Quote of the day is definately: "My dignity fits me better."  Hooray for dignity!

If I would keep up with my webcomics in a more timely fashion (silly me, I must be busy getting ready to MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY), I would have noticed that Jeffry "Snakes on a mutha' fuckin' plane" Rowland has also, in webcomics form, stepped up the assault on Joe Francis.  For those not in the know, The Poopmonster (aka R. Stevens) is the one who strangles Joe Francis from behind in panel 5.

I'm sure there are plenty more webcomics out there using their voices to shout down Joe Francis, Girls Gone Wild, and inebriated booby-bobbing.  Which is one of the greatest things about webcomics, really.  They're funny, sure, but they're pertinent as well! 



It's indicitive of our relationship, I think, that I make sure to read Penny Arcade before I meet Theo for lunch.  Plus, I'm still waiting for them to announce their special edition release of Bacon Robots.  Waiting anxiously.