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Why does a person do a Google search for cake pony, and then link to my blog from the results, despite the fact that my blog is something like the 54th item on the list? Is my cake pony reference somehow better than everyone else's cake pony references? Have I definatively defined the cake pony blogging experience?

Somehow I doubt it. Sadly, it will likely always remain a mystery.

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I have homework on my mind, and scotch on my liver.

dalwhinnieI'm doing my best to become a scotch snob. I've experienced some setbacks. Mainly the high price of good scotch. I'm a poor university student, so buying a $70+ bottle at any regular interval is well-beyond my means if I have any inclination to eat. I bought one nice bottle, $70, of Dalwhinnie 15-year single malt. I drank it reverantly, sparingly, mainly because of the price, though also because it deserves to be savored. The amount of time it lasted, at the price it cost, actually seemed fairly reasonable.

The other day, I bought a sub-$30 bottle of Ballantine's Finest. I suppose the simple fact that it was palatable makes me a very poor scotch-snob indeed. It's a blend of over 40 malts. I drank the bottle over the course of the past three days. We value the things that cost us dearly, more than those we come by easily. I guess that holds true with scotch as well. No reveration was required. No savoring, nor sparsity, nor even common sense was used. Some weekends you just want to get drunk. Those weekends are rare for me, but I enjoyed the lightly buoyant feeling as I plugged away at my database project.

Now the bottle's gone, and since I'm rabidly aware of the dangers of over-consumption, it will be some time before I acquire any more scotch. Probably not until the new year, at least.

One of these days I'll become a scotch snob. Once I can afford it, that is, and they've invented artificial livers.

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Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Happy to say that I've used them all. Of the 10, I think the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark is my fave. Nothing else has been quite so fun in FPS multiplayer. (via Fark)

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where is procrasti and who is their king?

to put off cataloguing,
i write a haiku.


and off to work i go ...

the project: pick three old-ass books from some boxes provided,
find said books in three different online library catalogs,
make my own records for the books, in both isbd and marc format,
write about the experience, the joys, and the tribulations.

verily, i tribulate. wish me luck.

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I’ve been compromised!

Batten the hatches! Self-Destruct! Hit the big red button!

Some of my classmates have found this blog. Obviously, I must now destroy it.


Actually, I don't really mind. I've long since come to terms with the idea of this blog being "found". By anyone. For the most part, I wouldn't write it if I cared who read it. So, welcome. I doubt anyone would find this blog particularly interesting on its own merit (i.e. out of context, i.e. if you don't know me), as I'm fully aware the writing is not of a particularly entertaining sort. Sure, I'm charming and funny in person, but I do my best to avoid those things in my written works. I find that if you set a precedent, people will come to expect wit and charm, and then there's just too much pressure to perform.

In short, new readers, welcome to this ridiculous exercise in verbal exposition.

I had a conversation with Abigail the other night about this blog, in which I admitted that I actually don't particularly enjoy blogging. In fact, I find it something of a chore. On the other hand, I do feel like it's a good practice, and I do enjoy being able to look back on it and see what I was doing, what thoughts I had, when. The other reason I do it is simply to keep certain people up to date on certain things in my life, should they choose to come by here and look (which, I think, most of them do not). I remember that I used to enjoy blogging, back in the day when I first started and I was all artsy and stuff. In my old age I'm becoming less creative and more discursive, much to my chagrin. Perhaps one day I'll turn it back around.

Actually, I am pretty excited about a creative project I have brewing. I've even started some research on it. But for now it's all top secret, so you'll just have to simmer in your own anticipation. I hear that expectation cooks in its own sauce....

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