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Books! Tasty, tasty books …


Threadless just released this shirt today, available as a tee for guys, girls, and kids! The kids get it on light blue, which is my favorite of the three colors offered. Combine it with your "Reading is for awesome people" t-shirt, and you'll truly be a force to be reckoned with (even if you will be sending mixed messages, I mean, do you read the books, or eat them!?).

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Sometimes I forget …

Sometimes I forget the events that led to my being here. Sometimes I forget the days before the voyage, the glimmer of an idea of a thought, a glint of the mind, sent out so far to the east that it seemed more fantasy than possibility.

The first time I mentioned Montreal was in November of 2004. Politically motivated, I was determined to abandon the festering conservative madhouse that I felt the United States had somehow become. At the end of my rant, a brief remark: "Well, I’m off to explore the web, and see if I can find any viable ways to move to Montreal." By the next day, I had found McGill, and my "escape route" was all planned.

Sometimes I forget the tribulations that followed;
relationships ended for my imagined lover,
a city that I'd never met.

“I’ve been thinking about Montreal. If I end up going, I have to go alone. I need to leave my attachments and start fresh, to seewho I am.”

I remember clearly reading the first letter from McGill,
"We're sorry, better luck next time",
and my first conversations with the administration that,
then chimaera, invisible roadblocks in my path,
are now just another everyday
part of my existence.

I continued my illicit love affair regardless,
my obsessive stalking;
I knew what Montreal was doing as I
peeked through the windows into its secret mechanisms.
I lifted up its skirts and found an impenetrable wilderness:

Beware of what comes out of Montreal, especially during winter. / It is a force corrosive to all human institutions. It will / bring everything down. It will defeat itself. It will establish / the wilderness in which the Brightness will manifest again.

- from ‘Montreal’, by Leonard Cohen

Sometimes I forget this path that led me here.

Now I'm here. All that build-up and anticipation,
and now I'm here, wondering what to do with it all.
There's magic here, absolutely,
loneliness too, as I wander through this wilderness;
remembering, and
waiting for the Brightness to manifest again.

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The Mighty Boosh!

Old Gregg, from The Mighty Boosh! Just more proof that the British are batshit insane.

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Photo Friday: Sky


My first Photo Friday entry ever! This was taken flying over the great lakes on the way to D.C. The only thing that can make a redeye flight worthwhile is getting to watch the sun rise from the air.

For Photo Friday: Sky.

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[Burnout] Flame [music] Wars

My friend Yuri lives in Bellingham, WA, and is in a band called the Planets. They used to be the Jetsons, but I imagine that certain copyright issues were discussed, and a name change ensued. But hey, the Planets is good. I like 'em.

So there's a bit of a competition going on right now for new bands to try and get a demo gig with Virgin Records, and to get their song on the next Burnout soundtrack. theplanetsAnd you guessed it, the Planets have a song entered. Personally, I think it's awesome. You should too. But more importantly, you should click on over here to the MySpace Burnout Bandslam Contest Page, click to "Listen and Rank" the U.S. Gallery, and find the Planets submission, which looks like this:

You don't have to do it for me. But you should do it because their song is actually really great.

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