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My friend Carl, who is a student of philosophy and an instructor of swing/lindy/blues dancing back in Montreal, just started his very own blog, which concerns dancing, mostly, and music of a jazzy variety.

You should check it out.

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Do you has flavor?

Links from the work computer. It speaks to my productivity that I never had time to really look at them.


The impenetrable sadness of parting

Today's my second to last day at work. Tomorrow will be my last day at work.

In a week I'll drive east once more. Once. Then, in April, I'll be done. A real boy librarian. Right now I'm just more library pupa.

I have no words of revelation. No catharsis. Just the impenetrable sadness of parting, a nearly intangible twinge of excitement, and a distant longing to return.

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Impending move, cool art

Impending move, in many senses.

In one, the summer has flown by,
too fast,
and I'm left anticipating that too-soon departure;
again into that impenetrable wilderness.

In another, less frightening way,
I may transport this bloggy realm;
ineffective though it may be,
over to precision effect.
Ineffective more speedily.

As for cool art,
I highly recommend checking out
the art of Barnaby Ward.
His sloppy lines,
tough (if skinny) women,
and long-limbed robot monsters,
make for a winning combination (plus he has an alice gallery).

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