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Yes, yes, yes.

Thanks to Coyote for posting.

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Another fun little tool. Write secret notes and pass them along in links to your friends.

Probably other more practical uses as well?

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A neat little toy for making pretty word clouds. I pasted the full text of Alice in Wonderland into it (see below). Check it out.

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Things to Blog in Denver When You’re Alive

I could start, I suppose, with an admission of negligence and a tender, heartfelt apology. I've sung that tune before, though, and jumping right back in is better than wasting time philosophasting about the difficulties of balancing blogging with daily existing. One thing is more important than the other.

I'm just about to leave Denver after attending the Reference Renaissance conference, which was rad and which I recommend to anyone to is a librarian and works mainly in reference. I found it so much more useful than the ALA Annual conference in many ways, though both have their own merits and resist weighing on the same scale. I guess the reason I would tend to attach more value to RefRen is because I'm leaving with oh-so-many more neat ideas about what I'd like to do with Virtual Reference services in Washington (among other things). This could be a product of where I am in my job now, but it's also certainly part of the excellence of the conference and the quality of the topics covered.

I also got married recently. July 12th, 2008, to be exact, to a very lovely woman who I adore. Getting used to married life is a challenge, but we're smoothing out some of the bumps and I'm looking forward to a long, long future with the love of my life.

So yeah, nothing exciting going on. Nothing at all.



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