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C25K: Week one, day two

Running or ...Distance: 2.03 miles
Calories burned: 210

The difficult part is definitely getting out there and getting started. Getting up in the morning isn't so bad, though sometimes it's right away and sometimes it's ten minutes after my alarm has gone off. Today it was the latter.

The treadmill seems rinky-dinky, and too narrow, and makes me feel a bit unbalanced. When I think about running outside, though, I miss the fact that the treadmill tracks time, distance, and calories burned (or it's approximation of calories burned, at least). Maybe I should get some sort of running device that would do the same thing. A watch, perhaps, or an app.

I mixed it up today as far as podcasts go, and tried the Running Into Shape program with Carli. On the one hand, Carli's voice is less irritating first thing in the morning; on the other hand, while some of her song choices were spot on, others were really horrid. I'd still like to make my own electroswing C25K podcasts, but it seems like all my free time lately has gone into setting-up / fixing various bits of technology around the home, so I haven't had time. Maybe I can get in gear for next week.

In the meantime, both podcasts had this song, which I enjoyed running to: evidently it's a C25K week one running staple. Enjoy!

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