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C25K: Week two, day one

Distance: 2.4 miles
Calories burned: 250

I'm estimating above because I fell behind a bit and couldn't keep two sets of numbers in my head. But that's more or less right, and I know that because it's more or less the same as I clocked at the end of week one. I was a little bummed about that, because this week has us running a bit more, a bit longer. We're also resting a bit longer, so maybe it evens out. I have a theory, though, that most of the distance and calories are covered by the "briskness" of your walking pace, rather than by your jogging pace. My walking pace was slightly less brisk, this week, so that may be impacting my numbers somewhat.

And you know, in the end I don't really care - I'm only really tracking the numbers because I like metrics and it's interesting, not because I feel slavishly invested in their improvement or what they say about my performance.

Still sticking it out with Suz's hip-hop mixes. I notice that in later weeks she deviates from the hip-hop. I'm not sure how well that's going to work out for me (I like those big, bassy beats), but I'll try and keep an open mind for now. My electroswing mix is still in-production (meaning I haven't gotten started on it yet), so I'll have to make-do one way or another.

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